Fundraising Opportunities

Are you looking for a unique fundraiser opportunity for your group, team, or organization? With a Candidly K Handmade fundraiser, we will work together to create a unique selection of items to offer for your fundraiser. We will typically offer about 3 options, with each option having customization options so each piece will be unique. 

Once we have decided on the selections you would like to offer, I will create private listings on my site that you can share with your group. These listings will be password protected so only your group can access them. We will set a time frame to get orders submitted, and then based on the total number of pieces, I will give you an estimated delivery time frame (typically 2-4 weeks after orders are submitted)

The amount that goes back to your organization will depend on the total # of pieces ordered.

Please note that fundraisers are not available from October - December.

Some ideas for fundraisers:

Keychain with your quote with name/number add ons for sports

Necklace with short quote with name/number/birthstone add ons

Below is a breakdown of the % that would go back to your group based on total # of pieces ordered:

Total orders up to 20 pieces - 15% back to group. Average total of $20/piece x 20 pieces = $400, 15% back to group $60

Total orders 21-40 pieces - 25% back to group. Average total of $20/piece x 40 pieces = 800, 25% back to group $200

Total orders 41-60 pieces - 35% back to group. Average total of $20/piece x 80 pieces = $1,600, 35% back to group $560

Total orders 81+ pieces - 45% back to group. Average total of $20/piece x 81 pieces = $1,620, 45% back to group $729

If you're interested in organizing a fundraiser,  please contact me through the contact form.