Host a Workshop or Stamping Party

Hosting a workshop or party is a great way to get your friends or group together to learn a new skill and leave with your very own handmade pieces! It's a great team building event, or just a fun way to hang out with your friends, it also makes a great activity for birthday parties! When you host a Candidly K Handmade workshop or party, each of your guests will be able to create their own handstamped pieces! 

You provide the space (really any space works - you just need a VERY sturdy table or workspace), I will bring all of my stamps, tools, and materials for completing finished pieces. 

Workshops are typically recommended for groups of up to 10 people, and take an average of 60-90 minutes. 

For workshops you may choose 1 item for all attendees to create, you may choose from keychains, necklaces, or leather cuff bracelets. Pricing varies by products made but typically ranges from $13 - $25 with add ons available for keychains and necklaces. 

Video recap made by: Rachel Ryan


If you're interested in hosting a workshop or stamping party, please contact me through the contact form below.