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Font Fixation Font Destash

Font Fixation Font Destash

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Font Fixation Fonts/Number sets to destash - all have been used on soft metals only - PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING with code FREESHIPDESTASH- Most of these are barely used, all are good to excellent condition

6.5mm Limon Uppers - Script Outline - $170 - retails for $260 - a few letters have been used, most are unused

3mm Hello Sweetheart Lowers (retired/vaulted) - SOLD - I've had these for a long time, but they have rarely been used

3.5mm Dart Lowers - $105- I've stamped a few letters, most are unused

4mm Dream Cake Unicase - SOLD - I've stamped a few letters, most are unused

3.5 Nocturne Book Lowers (retired/vaulted) - $110 - most letters have not been stamped

4mm Allura Lowers (retired/vaulted) $110 - this is such a great script font, I just rarely use it. 

4mm Allura Uppers (retired/vaulted) $110 - Only a few letters have ever been stamped

6.5 Wandering Heart Lowers (retired/vaulted) - $160 - really cute large lowercase, I just don't use it - most letters are unused

3mm Peony Blooms Lowers (retired/vaulted - $100 - these are well loved, but are still sharp and stamp great!

3.5 Grateful Handwritten Uppers - $105 - I've had these for quite awhile, but they are still in great condition

3.5 Grateful Handwritten Lowers (not cursive) - $105 - I've had these for quite awhile, but they are still in great condition

As far as I know, there is no rust on any of these stamps and they are all in good to like new condition. Shipping is included in the price.

ALL DESTASH SALES ARE FINAL! There will be no refunds, returns, or exchanges on these items! If you have questions prior to ordering, please email me at

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